CBD Soothing Mist Continuous Spray

Evora CBD soothing mist

Available in either isolate or full spectrum, our continuous spray formulation penetrates the skin deeply, helping to provide a pleasant soothing sensation. Our Soothing Mist is a deep-acting spray application that provides the benefits of full-spectrum or isolate hemp with natural CBD.

  • Features 250 or 500mg of full spectrum hemp-derived or isolate CBD
  • Contains no THC or other psychoactive substances
  • Provides soothing sensation
  • Provides rejuvenating moisture
  • Deep penetrating formula
  • Pleasant peppermint scent


Evora’s CBD Soothing Mist is perfect for delivering the power of CBD with a no-mess easy applicator. Your customers will love the continuous spray delivery that applies powerful CBD without getting cream on their hands. Reaching the CBD market with differentiated products will ensure you’re unique in a crowded market. Contact Evora today to get learn more about how you can add continuous spray CBD to your line.

• Easy application method

• 500mg of CBD per container

• Sourced from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA through natural farming practices

Spray liberal amount on area of desired effect.

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