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Chigger Relief Ointment

private label chigger relief ointment

Get the temporary relief of itching and pain due to chigger bites (Red Bugs), and bites from ticks, sand fleas, mosquitoes, horse flies, and most other common insects. Evora Labs’ Chigger Relief Ointment contains Benzocaine 10% Pain Reliever and provides:

  • fast, soothing relief
  • for chigger, tick, and all other bug bites
  • with aloe vera and chamomile

Great for campers, hikers, golfers, and outdoor construction workers, Evora Labs’ Chigger Relief Ointment provides the medicated relief to stop bites before they flare up. The easy-to-store container is also small enough to store in gym bags and backpacks for on-the-go relief.


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