Strategies to Make Your Skincare Ads More Successful

Jan 21, 2019

3 Strategies to Make Your Skincare Ads More Successful

Make Your Skincare Ads More Successful

As the owner (or aspiring owner) of a skincare brand, you know that securing success for your business is no easy task. From skincare formulations to packaging to avoid making costly mistakes, it’s important in every aspect of your business to perform your due diligence. One common vulnerability and source of loss for many business owners is advertising. Without the right considerations, it can be easy to develop ads for your skincare business that are costly, unrelatable, and ultimately ineffective. In this article, we’ll go over 3 useful strategies for ensuring the success of your ads.

Narrow your niche

When it comes to marketing and advertising, many businesses take the blanket approach- developing ads with the intention of attracting the attention of anyone who sees them. While this may work for businesses with large budgets and endless resources, this strategy doesn’t translate well for small businesses and e-commerce brands. To get the most out of your advertising efforts, it’s important to develop ads that are targeted and specific.

When it comes to attracting leads, you want to strive for quantity over quality. Thousands of clicks on your ad means nothing if those clicks aren’t from consumers likely to purchase your items (qualified leads). The first step in developing targeted ads is to understand your personas. One of the worst things you can do for your business is design ads without regard for your audience. Once you understand your audience, you can target your ads based on their interests, locations, and other demographics.

Create campaigns, not ads

When it comes to marketing, not all ads are created equal. While it would be nice if every ad we create turns into a sales conversion, that simply isn’t how advertisements work. When brainstorming ways to market your skincare brand, another useful strategy is to think of your advertisements as an entire campaign as opposed to a series of individual ads.

Communicating the identity of your brand never happens through a single ad. In fact, the most effective marketing campaigns are those that consumers interact with continuously. Creating an advertising campaign involves developing a series of ads for your various personas, that coax your potential customers through the different stages of the buying process (often referred to as a marketing funnel). Creating ad campaigns give you the ability to present your potential customers with the information they need to make the decision to purchase your products.

Stay on brand

Your ads ultimately play into the overall experience consumers have with your brand. A good strategy for ensuring the effectiveness of your ads is to stay consistent with the branding you’ve established for your business. Regardless of the niche, branding is a useful marketing strategy that allows you to convey the identiy of your business to consumers. If done correctly, your brand should reflect an identity that makes it easy for your potential customers to connect with. This identity acts as the representative of your business and helps set you apart from other skincare brands.

This branding will also help your ads stick out to relevant consumers. When it comes to advertising, staying consistent with your branding can help legitimize your marketing efforts and reflect positively on the overall competence of your business. When designing your advertising campaign, ensure your ads, landing pages, and other collateral are all consistent with your brand’s identity.


Marketing and advertising is a vital part of running any type of business. Understanding how to effectively communicate with your potential customers is the foundation of entrepreneurial success. When it comes to the skin care industry, with so many options out there, it’s important to develop a strategy that is optimized for your potential customers. Although ineffective ads can cause great loss of money, time and resources, sticking to these three easy strategies can help you develop ads that are targeted, on-brand, and ultimately beneficial to your business.

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