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Evora’s in-house skincare lab is a leading innovator of skincare, personal care, bodycare and haircare products. We know that operational excellence of research and development provides the pathway to a winning product. Our US-based Chemists are highly experienced with custom beauty formulations, developing over 2,000 to date.  Our formulations have been rigorously tested and are cutting edge. Our Chemists are also able to take tech transfers of your current formulas or leading products in your category and create a formula that competes at the top of your chosen market.

The Evora R&D Lab is a team of highly trained Chemists who work with your team and as an extension of your brand and business to create innovative beauty products that speak to your customers. We know your top priorities are effective products that are profitable and appeal to your target consumer. Being able to deliver clean ingredients and brand stories that consumers connect with is a practice we are extremely familiar with and make a priority when working with our customers. We are continuously staying up to date with the ingredient and formulation trends in the beauty market and can recommend ingredients and formulations that drive your brand forward, while balancing costs.

Our consultative onboarding process brings R&D in from the beginning, so we are able to understand all the technical aspects of your vision and formulas. While other companies funnel you through a sales rep or account manager, we make sure our R&D team is right in the mix to discuss the technical aspects of your new product or tech transfer in tandem with our highly knowledgeable business development consultants to ensure operational excellence and overall project success.


Product Testing Is Our Top Priority.


If you’ve ever experienced product contamination or packaging failure, you know the true weight and importance of quality testing. Both your business and ours depend on our ability to properly monitor client product development and manufacturing, and our process of extreme due diligence ensures we never experience costly delays with client products, and that your final product is everything you envisioned it to be. Simply put, we go above and beyond other contract manufacturers to ensure your product is effective, shelf-stable, and reliable.

Full transparency with our R&D team is at the heart of our process. We fully vet new product requests for viability prior to development, and once the product has been developed and approved by the you, QC begins testing and monitoring your products.

During the entire R&D and production process, from formulation to filling, Evora’s QA team is continually monitoring the consistency of all the products.

We regularly conduct the following tests on our beauty products:

  • Specific Gravity
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • Appearance (aesthetics)
  • Odor
  • Microbial Testing
  • Stability (90-day minimum)

In addition to these tests, every production batch is tested by QC for quality and consistency against the R&D batch so you can be sure that your beauty product is going to be correct. We know that consistency is non-negotiable for your brand, your customers expect the product to feel great every time.

We also have our Regulatory and Compliance team evaluate product labels and packaging for claims and labeling compliance so that you can be sure your products aren’t being flagged. A cornerstone of our operation is our detailed compliance reviews. We know that receiving an FDA warning letter or other compliance issues can be detrimental to your business and we take this aspect of our partnerships extremely seriously.

skin care lab

R&D also monitors the manufacturing process to ensure product consistency. Finally, no products are released without approval from our Quality Team.

Our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility can scale to produce both very large and small-batch orders, and unlike many of our competitors, we offer comparatively low minimums. We have 10 production lines that can run 240,000 units a day.

This commitment to Quality ensures the success of your products and our business.


Mobilize your products and activate your brand. We offer turnkey fulfillment services from our state-of-the-art 80,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse, and our fast and accurate delivery will exceed expectations.



Build a powerful and memorable brand. Let our award-winning label and packaging designers take your products to the next level, and our impressive manufacturing facility provide the seamless, comprehensive services you need to produce your products and get them ready to ship.


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