Jun 28, 2018

4 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Skincare Manufacturer

As a private label skincare provider, you need to ensure the manufacturers you work with offer the best quality skin care products.

Instead of filtering through and negotiating with several manufacturers, approach a manufacturer that can help you with the entire process. Ensure they can meet your deadlines, MOQ requirements (minimum order quantity) and price. Here are some questions to ask before deciding on a manufacturer.

How do you determine your timeline to ensure a successful launch for my product? Is there a solution to ensure a speedy go-to-market strategy for my brand?

There are many factors that influence a successful launch. Demand a detailed timeline from your manufacturer. Depending on the complexity of your formula, as well as your order quantity, your order may take longer. Make sure you know how long the development and manufacturing process takes.

At Evora Worldwide, we understand that sales volumes fluctuate daily. We help you scale by planning ahead for those daily variations in sales and revenue. There is nothing worse than running out of stock and losing the valuable ranking that you’ve worked so hard to reach.

Our operations team focus on weekly planning sessions to ensure that your product will always be in stock. Evora has millions of dollars in stock inventory to ensure that you never find yourself scrambling for product. We deliver every shipment on time. Thousands of established brands around the world trust us with their products.

Additional benefits with Evora include “Just in Time Inventory”. You only pay for the product after it ships, and fulfillment is included. “Real Time Inventory” has industry-leading lead times for on-demand private label inventory. “Manufactured Inventory” refers to the lowest possible pricing and the highest level of customization. Click here to find out more.

How can you help my brand to stay ahead of the trends to offer the most successful, sought-after products on the market?

In the billion-dollar skincare industry, you have to stay ahead of the curve if you want a successful business. You must provide a product that differentiates you from your competition and adds additional value.

At Evora, we employ the expertise of our formulation chemists in the lucrative skin care industry. We are at the forefront of the latest trends and bring the latest in skin care technology to private label sellers. We are leading in research and development for anti-aging and wrinkle refinement moisturizers, eye treatments, cleansers and toners, facial serums, cellulite treatment and body sculpting, as well as rapid age-defying formulas and natural skin care.

With a top-tier R&D department that is forward thinking, we are always monitoring the industry for changing technology and market trends.

Evora differentiates itself from hundreds of manufacturers by providing step by step guidance on your product development process. Use this opportunity to customize your formulations and set yourself apart from the competition. That’s how you get the lion’s share of the market!

Do you charge extra for formulation development?

Make sure to ask about additional costs to the production process. Many manufacturers won’t disclose all the fees at the beginning of the negotiation process. Fees for formulation development is one of these.

At Evora you will have access to in-house formulation options and a complete customized branding for your product. Want to create a completely unique product to improve your brand or start a new skincare line? Our formulation chemists will guide you through the process of creating your private label product.

Evora’s standard services include innovative formulas, clinically tested ingredients, and customer focused prices. We work with your budget and will disclose all fees for your manufacturing process and service.

What processes do you have in place to help my brand remain compliant?

Make sure you stay ahead of the latest skincare trends by following regulatory industry changes. Don’t fall into the trap of junk suppliers.

Note that manufacturers often need to state where their ingredients come from. If your manufacturer is unaware of the regulations in place to ensure the safety of your product, you might incur additional expenses and penalties. Our policy at Evora follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations and we stay informed when any of these change.

Something often not mentioned in the production process is label design and packaging compliance. At Evora we employ a design department that can bring you beautiful logo designs, packaging, and shipping boxes for your product.

After you’ve decided on a design, our packaging department checks the packaging for compliance and regulatory adherence. This ensures that you will have the correct language and terminology on your labels.


Don’t lose money and waste time working with manufacturers and suppliers without a highly credible operation and who can’t produce on time. With Evora you will have the opportunity to work with our industry experts to negotiate your costs, order the quantity that is right for you with our excellent MOQ offerings, and rest assured that your product follows GMP regulations.

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