How to Get a Custom Formulated Skin Care Product

Aug 20, 2018

How to Get a Custom Formulated Skincare Product

Getting a Custom Formulated Skincare Product

Launching a brand-new product on the eCommerce marketplace is challenging, especially if you’re a first-time seller. But there are several steps you can follow to take the risk out of this venture by choosing the correct private label skin care manufacturer. Let’s explore how to create a successful product that you can launch with peace of mind.

De-risk yourself with a good manufacturer

Choose a manufacturer that you have faith in. Do your research to take as much risk out of formulating your custom skincare product. If you don’t know much about the ingredients, choose a manufacturer with an excellent Research and Development team that can test your product according to safety regulations, and also guide you through the formulation process. Evora Worldwide is an excellent example of a manufacturer with dedicated chemists and design experts to help you with your product from start to finish.

Keep in mind that it will take time to analyze whether the skincare sample batches you receive are of good quality. You will also need to evaluate the product’s consistent quality over time. This will allow you to observe whether the product’s odor or consistency changes, or whether that sample batch is the one you will ultimately choose as your end product. Get the estimated formulation timeline from the manufacturer to create a time-to-market strategy to get ready for when you need to launch. This will also be the time to determine the shelf-life of the product. Does the product hold its texture and potency over time? Then determine what the expiration date of each batch would be.

Price vs Value

You have an estimated budget, but want to shave off a few dollars here and there. Don’t let the cost of the manufacturer’s service be your deciding factor when you select a company you want to work with. There is no contest between value over price. Your initial investment might be higher for a quality product, but so will your ROI once you’ve launched a product that creates value. Don’t go with a manufacturer if you don’t know the quality of their services. That will hurt your product and brand, essentially costing you more to test and formulate again.

Establishing your niche

Without knowing who your specific target audience is, how will you reach them? Your manufacturer should understand your brand and niche. This has a large influence on your branding and marketing campaigns. Ensure that you know the specific niche you are targeting (don’t be too broad), know the demand for your product and improve on existing products available to your niche. Look at competitors’ bad reviews to determine what is important to your target market, and identify how you can bring additional value and differentiate yourself.

Know what you don’t want in your product

You already know what ingredients you want in your product and how to give yourself an edge on the competition. But do you know what you don’t want? This is when you should talk to your team of chemists that work for the manufacturer.

Skincare products are heavily regulated by the FDA and Good Practices Manufacturing. There are several ingredients you should look out for before you even think of formulating your product. While some companies get away with sub-standard products and labeling, you don’t want to tarnish your brand by not following the regulations set out by the federal government to keep consumers safe.

If you want to differentiate yourself by producing a grain free or naturally sweetened product, specify how you would like this done, and which ingredients to use or not to use. If you don’t know, hopefully, you’ve chosen a quality manufacturer with a team to guide you. They will look at the trends of successful brands in the industry and advise you on the formulation of your product.

Labels and designs for product packaging

On a tight budget, you might be tempted to work with a freelance designer on the artwork of your product packaging and branding. However, a better option is to choose a manufacturer with a creative design team who understands the market. They will also know how you are differentiating your product and be able to make recommendations. It is also very efficient to avoid any safety rules and FDA regulation roadblocks you might run into. They will know what the requirements for your packaging are.

It is also important that the container not interact chemically with your customized formula. The packaging can interfere with the texture, smell, pH, and stability of your product. Having a customized container is essential for the safety and successful end-result of your product.

It is clear that the key to guaranteeing your skincare product’s success is in choosing the right manufacturer.

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