Most Popular CBD Products on the Market

Aug 27, 2019

Most Popular CBD Products on the Market

As consumer enthusiasm for CBD products continues to increase, certain product categories are emerging as the most in-demand. Whether they are valued for their ease of use, fast effects or comforting familiarity, adding some of these searched-for items to your product line will help draw web traffic to your site.

CBD Gummies

Consuming CBD oil in foods or beverages is a popular and non-threatening way for consumers to begin to venture into the cannabis market. In fact, this method of delivery is expected to soon account for over ten percent of the cannabis industry in sales. However, the familiarity of cookies, chocolates or beer as bases for CBD products can mask the regulatory restrictions surrounding edibles. It is technically illegal to serve CBD-laced foods in restaurants in the U.S., in part because the FDA can’t approve of every single restaurant’s method of preparation at this time.

CBD gummies, when manufactured under FDA-approved guidelines, can meet the demand for edibles while avoiding many of the concerns. The advantages of adding gummies to your line include:

  • Precision quantities of ingredients manufactured in a laboratory setting
  • Positive association with adult vitamin gummies (a market that continues to have strong projected growth)
  • Flexibility in choosing the shape, color, flavor and additional ingredients to differentiate your brand in the market
  • Packaging and labeling that protects the potency of the CBD while also preventing accidental ingestion

CBD Tinctures

Taking CBD under the tongue in the form of a tincture is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of the oil, second only to vaping. This sublingual method allows the oils to be absorbed through the blood vessels in the mouth, although some customers prefer to add the drops directly to tea or food. Tinctures are typically packaged with droppers to permit precise doses of the potent substance, and they can be mixed with different flavorings and carrier oils to mask the strong taste of the CBD.

CBD Softgels

Like tinctures, softgels can be produced with a variety of carrier oils and flavorings. An advantage of softgels is that the doses are premeasured (usually 10mg or 15mg of CBD oil per capsule), which can make it easier to take in precise amounts than using a dropper, especially if the customer has arthritis or any other mobility issues. Softgels are also easily portable, and their gelatin-based is rumored to outperform capsules in making the CBD bioavailable.

CBD Soothing Rubs

CBD oil has shown potential for treating many ailments, but the category of skin care is one of the best-researched. CBD’s soothing effect on skin has made it a sought-after ingredient in acne treatments, topical pain ointments, and anti-aging routines. For customers who may still be cautious about ingesting CBD products, applying treatments to their skin is an easy and effective option.

The antioxidant properties of CBD help reduce the effect of free radicals on the skin, which in turn helps reduce inflammation. CBD also includes lipids like omega-3 and omega-6 which help form a protective barrier against sun exposure and other harmful environmental factors. As it turns out, our own bodies produce a form of cannabinoids (known as endocannabinoids), which are connected to our feelings of pain. Early research suggests that CBD helps your body use this chemical more efficiently.

The market is responding to this research by seeking out CBD products in the form of soothing rubs in lotion, stick or roll-on form, sunscreens, and after-sun burn relief gels mixed with aloe vera. The potential for differentiating your brand in this field is nearly unlimited, provided you carefully test your formulations with your manufacturer.

With sunscreen products, in particular, consumers are seeking out reef-safe options (due in part to an increasing number of locations banning chemical sunscreens). Some of the same motivations a customer has for seeking out CBD – such as an attraction to a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals – can also lead them to seek out less environmentally-damaging options in their sunscreen.

Out of the many options available to CBD customers today, gummies, tinctures, softgels, and soothing skin treatments are emerging as the market standouts. With research into the demands of your particular market, these products can become profitable and beneficial additions to your brand.

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