Aug 12, 2017

7 Marketing Strategies to Consider When Launching a New Product

Amazing products are only one aspect of a successful business. You also need to make sure your intended customers know about it. Marketing is one of the essential parts of the private label skin care business, but many companies could improve their strategies. From determining an effective message to empowering your sales force with the right resources, there are many steps to effective marketing. Furthermore, you can tweak or adjust your approach to many of these steps to make them more efficient. Read on and discover our seven marketing tips for launching a new product.

  1. Know Your Ideal Customer

You might think your product is an excellent fit for practically everybody, but that won’t help you market it effectively. If you want to maximize your marketing ROI, you’ll have to identify the kind of person most likely to buy your product. Better yet, create a persona for the perfect buyer. Who are the people who can’t live without your product? How do they behave? How can you reach them most effectively? Once you’ve answered those questions, try to find an example of that person in the real world and ask them for feedback.

  1. Refine Your Message

Launching is a time to make strong statements. It’s not the time for excruciating detail about your product. Remember: customers have short attention spans. They’re not likely to focus on you for more than a few minutes, so make sure the information you give them is to the point. Give a quick overview of what your product does and highlight the most valuable features. You’ll have time to add detail as word gets out about it.

  1. Make Your Launch Assets Stand Out from the Pack

Launch assets are an important part of every new product launch, but that means every product launch uses them. You can succeed by differentiating yours from the typical landing pages or email templates your competitors use. Don’t just be weird, though. Make your assets deeper and more meaningful to your customers by thinking about their journey. Ask yourself what your ideal customer needs to know or receive before deciding to buy your product, then lead with that.

  1. Let Your Influencers Try the Product in Advance

Influencer marketing is really underrated. It can boost your ROI to levels 11 x higher than the ones traditional digital marketing achieves. However, for influencer marketing to be effective, it has to happen early. Make sure you’ve identified influencers who can connect with your ideal buyer, then offer them free samples so they can write about your product well in advance of the launch.

  1. Create a Targeted Audience

That buyer persona you came up with earlier? Extrapolate. Once you’ve fleshed them out, you can go back to their general characteristics and use those to find a wider audience for your product. What age is your ideal buyer? Where do they live? Such questions may be the keys to finding your targeted audience. Once you’ve determined who they are, you can reach out through social media. Facebook ads are an excellent way to connect with audiences based on factors such as their geographic location and age range.

  1. Design Your Landing Pages Efficiently

You want to make sure your landing page can be shared easily, and that it’s totally comprehensible to visitors. Make yours small, tight, and clear. Simple navigation options, minimal images, and unambiguous calls to action are key to successful landing pages. Make sure that whoever visits the page can instantly see what it is you want them to do and that they can do it easily.

  1. Have Contingency Plans for Errors

No plan is ever carried out exactly the way you hope they will, and product launches are no different. In fact, many things can (and probably will) happen during your launch that diverges from your expectations. Make sure you know how you’ll respond to feedback—both positive and negative. After all, your customers will judge you by the way you react to their response.

Product launches make a lot of people nervous, but they shouldn’t. Follow the steps above, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful launch.

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