Jul 18, 2018

The Power of Effective Packaging

You’re already selling, and things are going well. Sales are climbing. But how do you improve your brand and ensure your customers’ return business? Studies show that packaging adds perceived value to your brand. Packaging determines the first and lasting impression of your product.

Logo designs, colors and the quality of your packaging will determine your customers’ loyalty, and how much they identify with your brand. Make the most of it with Evora Worldwide and see how we optimize packaging and logo design to improve your branding. This makes you stand out from the crowds.

Branding and logo design

Remember that the brand creates the logo and not the other way around. When it comes to branding and logos, choose a manufacturer as passionate as you are to get an impressive design. One that will help you get the best look for your private label product.

Use a unique label to print onto your packaging. An unprofessional look with only text and white space will hurt your brand. It shows that you haven’t put any effort into making your product stand out and create a bond with your customers. Use unique designs that are simple yet distinctive.

Evora employs several in-house designers that you will collaborate with to create eye-catching and professional designs for your brand. These include label designs, logos, and customized packaging.

Best practices when designing a logo

Keep it simple. You don’t want customers squinting to figure out what your brand stands for. Look at soft edges, and colors that compliment your brand. Be very specific when working with designers to get the correct color for your logo design and packaging.

Compliance is another important consideration when selling skin care products. It creates trust and gives your product credibility. Evora’s Quality Management team creates labels that follow label regulations for skin care products. They also submit your labels to the necessary departments to approve and review before placing it on your product. Overlooking these regulations could cost you a lot of sales.

National branding vs Private label branding

As a private label seller, you don’t have millions to spend on advertising agencies (yet). National brands have a lot of money to spend on their packaging and branding. And they still use the traditional methods available to the retail giants. With all this advertising and focus on branding, their products are recognizable, and they establish themselves as a trusted brand. However, you can compete. Brands are communicating increasingly through design, and the use of social media helps capture your audience’s attention. This is good news for small businesses and startups since your audience is spread across a multitude of online social platforms. Use this method to compete with the big players.


Trademarking logos, names and designs are common among sellers. Something you might not be aware of is the trademarking of specific brand colors. Tiffany Jewelry is one of the best examples. Created by Charles Tiffany and John Young in 1837, Tiffany has trademarked the specific blue they use for their branding. That means this color can’t be used by anyone else for branding. Tiffany Blue is the house-name for the light-medium robin egg blue color. It was first used in 1845 to publish the first edition of their Tiffany Blue Book. All around the world, this color blue is associated with Tiffany branding and products.

The perceived value of customized packaging

Customized packaging makes your product stand out from the competition. If your manufacturer is unable to provide you with this service, look elsewhere. Evora enables you to select your packaging configurations at every level, from label designs to packaging options. Talk to their product and packaging department to gain more insight. They offer a free consultation regarding your product and packaging selections.

Customized product boxes

Evora allows you to choose from a myriad of designs, but what sets them apart is their customization. With Evora you can modify your packaging to look however you want. This increases the perceived value of the product. Think about it. As a consumer, would you like to open your new purchase and see a beautifully tailored box or container that is creative and different? Of course you do. A striking design that is noteworthy will get more eyes on your product than generic, stock product packaging. Also, they will remember you.

Inserts to bond with your audience

Many sellers decide to provide something extra to their buyers. This could be as simple as a thank you note or could be an instruction manual on how to use the product. Any kind of information about your product, nicely branded with your logo, will make an impression on your buyer.

With these factors in mind, choose a manufacturer that sets you apart from the crowd. Evora has an expert design department to help you design your logo, select requirements for labels and customize your product boxes. Contact Evora to start the process and ask about their free packaging consultation offer.

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