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Feb 6, 2021

What is Bag On Valve Continuous Spray?

An increased number of personal care brands are using bag on valve (BoV) systems to dispense their products. Demand for this continuous spray system is growing. In 2018, the global Bag on Valve market size was approximately U.S. $6.0 million. Lotions, creams, face wash, sunscreen, and other products are candidates for a BoV system. This packaging solution offers better packing technology as compared to traditional aerosols. For personal care manufacturers like Evora, the benefits of Bag on Valve technology make it a better packing option, especially for products in which quality must be maintained.

Bag on Valve Components

This continuous spray system is a multi-protective packaging option that consists of several different parts. Bag on Valve systems are available in many different sizes, but no matter what the size, each system is comprised of:

  • Available with male and female valves.
  • FDA-approved laminated aluminum bag.
  • Suitable for liquid, gels, creams.
  • System can be used with compressed air or nitrogen.
  • Available in a wide variety of standard actuators.
  • The can is made of aerosol, aluminum, or tin plate.

How Does Bag on Valve Work?

Bag on valve is a technology that works for liquid or viscous products. The product is placed inside the bag while the propellant fills in the space between the bag and the can. When in use, the compressed air/nitrogen activates and causes the product to be dispensed as a spray, cream, or gel. The product remains separate from the propellant, which keeps it from being contaminated.

BoV’s are often used in aluminum cans with a one-inch opening. The aerosol valve gets crimped and welded to a foil packaging bag with a laminate. Compressed air or nitrogen fills the area between the bag and the can, which is known as cup gassing.  This process keeps the propellant and product separate.

Differences Between BoV and Standard Aerosol

The BoV delivery system is a more advanced option than traditional aerosol. The word aerosol refers to the suspension of a fine solid or liquid particles in a gas, not to the propellant itself so aerosol products can only be packaged using traditional aerosol packaging or bag on valve.

The main differences between the BoV spray delivery system and a standard aerosol are:

  1. Less aggressive propellants are used.
  2. The product and propellant remain separate so there is no contamination.
  3. The product needs less chilling from the propellant so it dispenses closer to room temperature.

For many years, personal care manufacturers preferred traditional aerosols because the packaging cost was lower than bag on valve technology, however that is now changing with the advantages of using the BoV system.  This is especially true in the personal care industry where integrity of the product as well as safety are important factors.

Benefits of a BoV System Over Traditional Aerosol

Bag On Valve Continuous Spray Personal Care

There are many reasons why personal care brands would choose to use a BoV system.

No Contamination or Oxidation:  The four-layer bag provides a barrier which means oxidation will not occur. This barrier also creates separation between the product and propellant, so the product maintains its integrity. This is especially important for high quality products that need to maintain their value.

Safer:  Traditional aerosol sprays most often use propane, which is explosive under high temperatures or high pressure.  Because there are no flammable propellants, this product is safer than an aerosol spray. The consumer can feel safer using this system.  And because it is a no-contact dispenser, it is a hygienic and sterile way to get to the product.

Convenience:  Standard aerosols need to be pumped or sprayed but the BoV works with the touch of a button so it is more convenient to use with a controlled spray pattern and no pumping needed. And the bag will empty 100% so there is no wasted product.

Eco-friendly:  Eco-conscious personal care companies and consumers will like that the system is complete recyclable.

Flexible:  BoV provides a more efficient form of dispensing that is particularly useful in high quality products such as cosmetics and drugs.  Since it can be integrated into almost any modern packaging formats, there is a wide variety of shapes, valve types, and caps that can be used for personal care products.

Better Quality of Dispensed Product:  For personal care manufacturers, the Bag on Valve technology offers a better spray effect with a wider spray range.  The spray molecular weight is even and finer so it is easily absorbed.

More Substance Choice:  The gas and material in a standard aerosol spray must be mixed, so the choice of substances is limited. With the BoV system, however, there is no limit for the type of material that can be used.

Longer Shelf Life:  Because the substances are contained in a four-layer vacuum bag, they will last longer, especially for oxygen-sensitive products.

More Efficient Filling: For those cosmetic and drug manufacturers that have a high demand for productivity, the filling process is far more efficient than traditional aerosol.  Using a bag on valve aerosol filling machine with other automatic machines both cuts costs and increases productivity.

The superiority of the BoV continuous spray system is evident in the many advantages it can bring personal care companies.

Applications of BoV

Personal care fluids and viscous products can use a BoV system, provided the viscosity of the product is low enough to pass through the valve system.  The following is a list of products that can use a BoV system:

  • Lotion/Cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Face Wash
  • Self-Tanning Spray
  • Personal Hygiene Products
  • Spray Toners

Many personal care products can be more efficiently and cost-effectively produced using this type of technology. Bag on valve technology has many advantages for personal care products including better dispensing, preservation, and protection.  This packaging system is far superior to the traditional aerosol system.

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